Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sliding Bench...

A misnomer it must be.

Not sure if it is the need to be seen as embracing avant-garde designs or just trying hard to be stylish, but the metamorphosis of Dhoby Ghaut MRT brought about by Dhoby Xchange must have gone into the heads of those SMRT folks for them to justify buying those circa 26" metal benches that are placed close to the wall, with a slight tilt on the seat and a smooth finishing on the surface.

These seats are impossible to be sat on as it will cause you to slide forward and eventually fall off. Those who can master the legwork to keep from falling may well be giving their legs a much needed workout.

But i've observed with much amusement, people trying those benches, only to migrate off to the traditional marble top benches what is not just more comfortable, but stable and not as frustrating.

Maybe the only reason why they had this installed is to amuse the kids, as Lucas will demostrate in the below clip:

Give me a wall instead... and I'll gladly lean on it...

I think as far as sitting objects with amusement value is concerned, the head honchos at NLB have scored with flying distinctions with their Italian plastic chairs in the kids section at basement one, central lending library. These chairs can be sat into normally, and if turned on their front, it can be used as a rocking horse. But the customer service there is a fine example why we would never reach service levels like Japan.

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