Thursday, June 28, 2007

mod done... and about time...

seems a long time since the last update... blame it on CommunicAsia 2007 plus the fact that my wife had to go on an overseas work trip to Europe for 2 weeks... leaving me to fetch Lucas and entertain him in the evenings and the weekends.

well... i did find some time on Sunday to finish up the output filter mod... but only on one channel. i reused 2 kiwame 30k resistors that i had together with some Blackgates that i got from my favourite DIY store... Ahfartaudio at Upper Cross Street. they have one of the lowest pricing around. i initially wanted 4.7uF BG NX, but he only had 1 left. someone else took out a bulk order for 1000 pieces or something like that... robert then suggested that i do an e-cap configuration with 10uF BG NX instead. since i have not tried this configuration before, i took up the offer... this places the cost of the caps at around the cost of the PS1... add in the PS1 remote controller that is on the way from ebay, future linear power supply mod and a casing, i think this project will breach SGD100++.

i did a quick sanity check with the PS1 to ensure that i did not screw it up. with a laura fygi cd on the PS1, connected to the TA2020 tripath amp and one speaker, i fiddled around with the controller and music was playing. don't ask for comments on sound... the speaker is crap, so anything coming out is crap. it has bass that is loose and not listenable...

doubt i will have time to test it out properly this weekend as my wife is bringing back a toy for me on Saturday. hee hee hee... might be too busy with this new toy. ;)

more pics here.

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