Monday, August 27, 2007

Not enough of 881?

I have some feedback that the ringtone that I extracted is too short.

Did some over the weekend but was not able to upload the files to Google Page Creator from Safari. So here's the two mp3 versions.

One Half.
One Half, Duet Version.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Royston Tan's 881, 一人一伴 ringtone

I keep hearing this One Half song in the office until I feel like I am haunted by it somehow... Even when no one is humming it, it is being replayed in my mind like an endless loop.

So, I went to get the cd over the weekend... To my horror, it is sold out at Sembawang Music in Bishan. Luckily the shop opposite had around 5 copies of it left on the shelf.

I went home and downloaded some freeware to edit the starting hokkien phrase into a ringtone suitable file.

So, for those interested, you can grab One Half ringtone here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

NDP 2007 at Raffles Quay

That's one of the places for those not able to get a ticket to catch a glimpse of the show. There are lots of people, but the view is still ok.

Lucas was there to catch the helicopter and jet flypast, as well as the fireworks. As usual, there are lots of human traffic once the fireworks are over. People in all directions trying to get out of Raffles Quay.

We managed to go over to Lau Pat Sat to catch a bite. We then had dessert along Cross Street before heading home.

On the DIY front, things are less rosy. My attempt to veneer the speakers ended in disaster. The veneer did not stick completely. There were air pockets within and at the edges of the veneer.

I decided to undo the veneering. I had to remove 2 pieces of veneer from the cabinet and then sand it down using the Makita Finishing Sander (B04540) that I bought a day before.

I think it is partly due to the veneer that I got... it is one of those reconstituted real wood veneer... that means wood that is processed to be made into veneer. It is not completely solid, but has a horizontal grain that can be easily broken...

Will see if Robert can help me veneer this pair of speakers... hopefully before end of next month...

More pics of Lucas' NDP outing here.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Diatone PM610MB driver

i've actually got my zebrawood veneer some time ago, wanting to veneer the pair of speakers... but always am either too lazy or caught up with other stuff.

since there's some holidays coming this next weekend, plus my in-laws are not around, it is the best time to start on this project.

the diatone pm610mb is a pair of 6" vintage alnico drivers from mitsubishi. out of production since 1997. the M series was introduced in 1995 as the 50th anniversary edition of the P610 series of drivers. there's more information availabe at Audio Nautes, an Italian DIY audio site.

i got an enclosure to be build according to Kondo-san's design for the PM610. surprisingly, the bass is quite good. not sure if it really is around 40hz, but it surely suffices.

now, all i need is to shop for a belt sander. ;)

more pics here.