Saturday, August 4, 2007

Diatone PM610MB driver

i've actually got my zebrawood veneer some time ago, wanting to veneer the pair of speakers... but always am either too lazy or caught up with other stuff.

since there's some holidays coming this next weekend, plus my in-laws are not around, it is the best time to start on this project.

the diatone pm610mb is a pair of 6" vintage alnico drivers from mitsubishi. out of production since 1997. the M series was introduced in 1995 as the 50th anniversary edition of the P610 series of drivers. there's more information availabe at Audio Nautes, an Italian DIY audio site.

i got an enclosure to be build according to Kondo-san's design for the PM610. surprisingly, the bass is quite good. not sure if it really is around 40hz, but it surely suffices.

now, all i need is to shop for a belt sander. ;)

more pics here.


gioz73 said...

Hallo, AudioNautes is Italian site not French ;-)

...what's your impression for the Diatone after one year of use?


garbage said...

Ah... will update the blog. ;)

It is quite a good performer. Nice mids, highs are adequate for me. But the lows, somehow, i feel is not as good as certain topologies such as open baffle bass. It is very slightly boomy in certain frequencies even with bass traps in my room.