Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IWC 7 day automatic

I was first drawn to IWC by the GST Chronograph. That was about 7 to 8 years ago. The Portuguese, then, also caught my eye, but even the GST Chronograph was expensive, let alone the Portuguese. I got a Speedmaster instead and always longed for an IWC.

The Portuguese Automatic, with a 7-day power reserve is a stunner. With off white dial, blue arabic numerals and hands, I fell in love with the Portuguese once again. The movement is fully exhibited by the sapphire case back, showing how large the heart of the watch is.

This is really a dream come true.

More pics here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

F1, and I almost forgot...

Guess Lyra's birth does change the space time continuum for me. Somehow it felt like ages and it also seem to take more focus than other events. So much so that I've almost forgotten that the F1 was this week.

Since San is not able to attend, I asked my colleagues to join me on each weekend. It turned out that my Dad has 2 Padang Grandstand tickets between turns 9 and 10, and this is at row 2!. As close as you can get to the action. Since he has a golf flight to catch, he will pass me his tickets, and I passed my Sunday tickets to 2 other colleagues.

The ticket at Marina Bay Grandstand is not ideal. It is actually past the turn where the cars would go under. However, the sound from the exhaust there is thrilling. ;)

Padang Grandstand is just great. It was up close and personal with the cars. Super duper loud. Really like jets on wheels.

Some pics here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Resolution 2.1 and 2.2

Cryptic title referring to the suggestion to install grills at the fire hydrant parapet to prevent intruders into homes at Kovan Melody. We attended the first EGM (extra-ordinary meeting) convened yesterday for the first time in Kovan Melody.

This was the culmulation of many people's work to get Wing Tai and Knight Frank to look into the matter of the multiple burgalaries at Kovan Melody. It started with the petition from residents to Wing Tai. San drafted the letter and we got some of the residents to take certain blocks to help get the signatures on the petition.

After that, Wing Tai sent us a letter saying that in order for an EGM, we need to secure at least 30% approval from owners, not tenants, in Kovan Melody before they can convene an EGM. At this time, San is already too large to move around, so another resident took up the mantle of getting the required signatures.

She is assisted by some other residents. But based on our experience, it will be a tough job.

Anyway, at the EGM, when the Resolution was proposed, there was zero who opposed. This meant that there is not even a need to poll. If there is even one who opposed, we will need to secure 70% positive votes for the proposal before it can be effected. Both 2.1 and 2.2 were unanimously voted for. This shows that safety is truly a prime concern for residents here.

The grills will be installed over 5 weeks and will be completely borne by Wing Tai.

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow

Yes, Lyra is having jaundice. 13.4 2 days ago and 14.1 yesterday. We were given 2 options, hospitalise her, meaning San will also have to be there as Lyra is breast-fed, or rent a light machine for treatment of jaundice.

We rented the PEP Bed. There is a local company in Kim Chuan that does the renting. The sales guy came over, gave us an overview of the machine, how it works, safety, etc. This is a 3 day rental and she is supposed to have 25hrs of exposure to the light.

However, it did not go as smoothly the first day, the moment we put her in (even when she is asleep), she will cry loudly. I was even contemplating removing the lights from the machine so that i can hang it over the cot ala aquarium lights. My mother in law figured that it was because the mattress in the machine is too hard, causing her to protest.

If all goes well, she should be free from jaundice on Thursday. Her review at the Singapore Baby and Child Clinic is this friday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spending time with Lucas

I went with Lucas to feed the fish at the pond downstairs, went swimming with him, went with him to buy fire sparklers and lighted them at the balcony. I even inflated the bicycle tyres, getting ready to ride around the neighbourhood when the time comes.

He does not seem to be showing much signs of anxiety, but he did say that San speaks to Lyra more politely then to him.

Anyways, more pics of them here.

Kids Tough Camera Review

A quick review of the Fisher-Price Kids Tough Digital Camera. I find that the indoors shots in low light, especially in the night, is quite disappointing. The flash is almost a complete white out. In the day, it performs ok. In the pool, it was quite good.

I would say that this is a good starter camera for the kids. Should survive falls, swims and baby pools with no difficulty. I'm not too sure about battery life though as I got those cheapo AAA batteries for the camera. The moment I put them in, the battery indicator will light up. Have not tried them with the better batteries yet.

Some pics here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Olive brown spotted tree lizard strap

This strap is something of a rarity. It's already discontinued and the skin apparently was from a blue spotted lizard. I got this from a paneristi.

Apparently there is some history to this strap. It was made as part of a special reptile skin edition and available in limited quantities. The lizard apparently will chase ladies with red toe nail polish, thinking that they are edible berries. Haha...

This is easily one of the very nice straps that I own. ;)

Some pics of the strap taken at Mount Alvernia here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A father to one more

The day finally came. Lyra is past her estimated date of delivery of 8 Sept. We are scheduled for induced labour on the morning of 11 Sept. This time round, I opted for epidural rather than wait till the last centimeter. On top of collecting the stem cord, we are collecting the placenta. Yup... harvesting some human tissue here... Who wants to bid for a placenta pill? Hahaha... Even the nurse found it odd that there is a medical company in Singapore processing placenta powder or pills for beauty purposes.

I went back home to get a insulator and some ice as there is no refrigeration facilities at Mount Alvernia for this purpose. Before I left, it was 6 cm. Returned with the stuff, hang around some more, and it was time to call the gynae. After 3 attempts at pushing, she did not emerge. It required a 4th attempt with assistance of a vacuum to coax her out at 12:17pm. She weighs 3.29 kg. Even heavier than Lucas! We were indeed surprised as San's tummy did not seem that large. Lucas was 3.27kg.

Newborns change in looks almost on a daily basis. It's just amazing how they will look like one parent, both, or none the next day. We were wondering the night before about how she will look and who she will take after. As of now, she seems to have a dimple on her left cheek, Lucas has one on his right. Her eyes are big and she kept looking with the left eye open, then slowly with both, and was always looking around. Not a lazy Year of the Rat baby. San was still commenting that being born in the afternoon, she may be lazy cos rats would be sleeping in the day.

I got a Fisher-Price Kids Tough Digital Camera for Lucas. It's supposed to be a gift from Lyra to him. This is the waterproof version, unlike the first generation that is being sold at Kiddy Place for SGD$199. He's quite good with photography... at least from the shots he takes with San's mobile. Will post a separate review of this camera when he has some pics to show.

In the meantime, more pics of Lyra here.