Sunday, September 28, 2008

F1, and I almost forgot...

Guess Lyra's birth does change the space time continuum for me. Somehow it felt like ages and it also seem to take more focus than other events. So much so that I've almost forgotten that the F1 was this week.

Since San is not able to attend, I asked my colleagues to join me on each weekend. It turned out that my Dad has 2 Padang Grandstand tickets between turns 9 and 10, and this is at row 2!. As close as you can get to the action. Since he has a golf flight to catch, he will pass me his tickets, and I passed my Sunday tickets to 2 other colleagues.

The ticket at Marina Bay Grandstand is not ideal. It is actually past the turn where the cars would go under. However, the sound from the exhaust there is thrilling. ;)

Padang Grandstand is just great. It was up close and personal with the cars. Super duper loud. Really like jets on wheels.

Some pics here.

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