Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Resolution 2.1 and 2.2

Cryptic title referring to the suggestion to install grills at the fire hydrant parapet to prevent intruders into homes at Kovan Melody. We attended the first EGM (extra-ordinary meeting) convened yesterday for the first time in Kovan Melody.

This was the culmulation of many people's work to get Wing Tai and Knight Frank to look into the matter of the multiple burgalaries at Kovan Melody. It started with the petition from residents to Wing Tai. San drafted the letter and we got some of the residents to take certain blocks to help get the signatures on the petition.

After that, Wing Tai sent us a letter saying that in order for an EGM, we need to secure at least 30% approval from owners, not tenants, in Kovan Melody before they can convene an EGM. At this time, San is already too large to move around, so another resident took up the mantle of getting the required signatures.

She is assisted by some other residents. But based on our experience, it will be a tough job.

Anyway, at the EGM, when the Resolution was proposed, there was zero who opposed. This meant that there is not even a need to poll. If there is even one who opposed, we will need to secure 70% positive votes for the proposal before it can be effected. Both 2.1 and 2.2 were unanimously voted for. This shows that safety is truly a prime concern for residents here.

The grills will be installed over 5 weeks and will be completely borne by Wing Tai.

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