Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow

Yes, Lyra is having jaundice. 13.4 2 days ago and 14.1 yesterday. We were given 2 options, hospitalise her, meaning San will also have to be there as Lyra is breast-fed, or rent a light machine for treatment of jaundice.

We rented the PEP Bed. There is a local company in Kim Chuan that does the renting. The sales guy came over, gave us an overview of the machine, how it works, safety, etc. This is a 3 day rental and she is supposed to have 25hrs of exposure to the light.

However, it did not go as smoothly the first day, the moment we put her in (even when she is asleep), she will cry loudly. I was even contemplating removing the lights from the machine so that i can hang it over the cot ala aquarium lights. My mother in law figured that it was because the mattress in the machine is too hard, causing her to protest.

If all goes well, she should be free from jaundice on Thursday. Her review at the Singapore Baby and Child Clinic is this friday.

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