Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Last Sonic Frontier?

Probably the most neglected area in one's pusuit of audio enjoyment... and this would be sound treatment of the listening room.

The conundrum for me, then, is... how would you know what to use when planning for a new room? Especially when you have never heard your system in it before.

Well... perhaps a leap of faith and some reading. ;)

Initially I wanted to DIY something like the RPG Hemiffusor. There's a website that had the dimensions to do this. But I think this woud be a real time consuming affair...

The diffusor seen above was purchased as part of a mass order offered by joamonte on echoloft. I took me around one month before I finally pick up the 8 diffusors from him after he told me that they are ready. It was a late night affair when I made the pickup. I had the fortunate experience to listen to his system. It was really good. It is definitely showroom material... in fact, showrooms should take a leaf out of his book.

I might be adding some diffractal for the front, but now I am having problems with mounting 8 diffusor panels... not enough space in my odd shaped room. Perhaps I will go with 4 at the back and have a hanging ceiling for the other 4.

Rest of the pics here.

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