Saturday, June 9, 2007

A/B impressions of PS1

The anticipation of this moment since early this week... i pulled together my horses and men for this session. The other source is a Marantz CD50 using a TDA1541A dac. My 5687 preamp, d3A/VV302B DRD amps and my Diatone PM610MB speakers were called to duty.

Sequence of A/B is always PS1 first, followed by CD50 for each track.

Discs used are 1 - Plastic Flower from Op4, Lena Park (Korean Artist), 2 - The Power of Love Songs CD1, Fish Leong (Malaysian Artist), 3 - The Hong Kong Hifi show CD (2007 I think), 4 - You'll Hear Better Songs and Memphis Tennessee from Early Hours (Hybrid SACD), Eleanor Mcevoy.

Impressions are that the PS1 presents a lower output voltage to the preamp, the bass is rounder and not as profound, soundstage is less deep, and it has a more mellow presentation when compared to the CD50. It also seems veiled in comparision, with the CD50 giving a cleaner and clearer sound.

Perhaps after the mods, it will be better... I can only keep my fingers crossed.

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