Monday, June 4, 2007

Found... the elusive... PS1

Like they always say... Persistence pays off. This is quite true when I managed to find a Playstation 1 at a Cash Converters for SGD29 with 2 controllers, AV cable, one memory card and a power transformer for 240vac to 110vac.

This particular unit that I have is labelled a 100vac version. The store assistant asked if 100vac was ok. I immediately told him that I am ok. He then commented that I'm a confident customer... Actually I was thinking of building a PSU for the 7.6vdc and 3.6vdc that would be required by the unit.

When he brought the unit to the cashier, he also went to collect the accessories. It is in this bag that I spotted a transformer that seem to indicate 240vac. After paying, I went off to find a quite spot where I can inspect the bounty. And I was spot on. ;) It was indeed a step down transformer.

The moment I went back, I plugged in the AC and powered it up. The green LED was lighted. Hurray... I quickly did a test of the audio via the TV. Seemed that one channel is ok, but there was some hum. Perhaps due to wiring. Will do a real test soon.

Since the serial number or identifier sticker at the bottom of the unit is removed. My next instinct was to open the unit to determine if this was the real mccoy. I did not realize that the dac is actually quite small. I had to strain my eyes to verify the numbers on it. It was indeed the Ashahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) AK4309AVM DAC 16 bit Stereo Delta Sigma chip. This mean the PS1 that I have is the SCPH100x version.

My next steps would be the output stage mod and the PSU mod as mentioned at Mick Feuerbacher's site. Let's take a real serious listen to how good this thing actually is. ;)

More pics here.


Gio said...

Hi Vincent,

Nice find. I look forward to reading about the results.


garbage said...

Hi Gio

Thanks. Will post my comments after I do some serious listening to it.