Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silence before the storm

Channel News Asia sent an SMS to my handset regarding the morning showers yesterday at 7:51am.

It read "Heavy rain with thunder and gusty winds expected over many areas between 7am and 10am. PUB warns flash floods may occur in low-lying areas".

It seemed serious. While ironing my shirt in the morning, I can see the weather changing quickly outside the balcony. The morning sun on the landed properties against the dark clouds was an interesting contrast. I ran for my camera just to capture this.

The above shot was taken using my Ricoh GX100, but the shot was actually over-exposed by the camera because of the multi-area mode. I had to lower the exposure a little to capture what I saw yesterday morning.

The heavy rain came and went quickly. By the time when I am on the way to the office, it was a slight drizzle.

The actual shot here.

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