Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do you Sinn?

The Sinn U1 for The Hour Glass is a special run of 250 watches for the 2007 Hour Glass Tempus event. What is different from this edition and the normal U1 is the all black Tegimented process on the entire submarine steel watch and the orange dial accents.

The U1 did not appeal to me in pictures and the images I've seen at the various online sites. I've an ex-colleague who once commented that it would be cool to wear the "Sinn" brand. There's another colleague who was considering between the U1 and U2, but gave up after the price hike. Still, their interest did not pique my curiosity in the brand. It was only until last friday when I saw it in the flesh from a distance that I realized that it looked much better in than in pictures.

A lady was wearing the Sinn U1 at Raffles City, much like a bangle on her wrist. We were at the toy section of Robinsons. I was there with Lucas after dinner. The clean face, 4 o' clock crown position, rubber bracelet and the U1 buckle is unmistakable. I can only wonder how the Tempus version would look like. I immediately arranged to view the brand new in box Sinn U1. It was a hefty piece! But somehow, it did not look anywhere near the published 44mm diameter... maybe because of the colour. My Radiomir definitely looks much bigger than it. Being an automatic watch, I expected to feel the balance wheel in motion when the watch is shaken... like what I experience on my Speedmaster. However, it is devoid of any motion. This could be attributed to it's large mass. The butterfly clasp really takes some getting used to.

More details of the Tempus version can be found here, but I think there is one inaccuracy. The original U1 only has Tegiment treatment on the bezel, not the entire case. This is mentioned on Sinn's site above and also here. This also accounts of the difference in price between the original U1 and the Tempus U1.

Btw, I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but the german translation for Sinn in english is Sense.

More pics here.

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