Monday, July 21, 2008

Not so great carnival

We went to the UTES Carnival 2008 at Fort Canning Park on Sunday. I did not have any expectations that it will be great or even matching our local Pasar Malam standards, and yes, I was not disappointed. There will not be another trip next year. hahaha...

It was a hot day to climb up the slope to Fort Canning Park, but we made it eventually. The inflatable bouncing "castle" was supposed to be the main draw for Lucas, but it turned out that the surface was so hot due to the sun that it was not possible to climb and jump all over it.

We then took a walk round the game stalls and also to the food area. Lucas was content with eating junk food such as pop-corn and bags of chips. We then went off the The Legends to finish the remainder of the pop-corn before going off to my in-laws's place.

When we went home that night, after "Batman Begins" on tv, Lucas told us he had a fun day... I guess junk food is all a kid is after. ;)

Some pics here.

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