Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Broken in

Not my audio components breaking in from a new state, but my home... yes... 14 levels off the ground and the perpetrator has the guts to do so in broad daylight... What kind of Singapore are we living in today?

And you would have imagined that a condominium managed by Knight Frank would provide adequate security for the residents.

The person climbed in via the fire hose parapet outside my unit, stepped onto the aircon compressor and onto the window ledge, leaving a few foot prints on my bermudas that I left to dry on the ledge.

I wore my Speedmaster and left my Panerai at home, my Macbook was lying in plain view in my audio room, the audio equipment and my LPs are at stake, my wife's jewelery are in the drawer, a mix of USD, GBP, SA Rand and Ringgit is in another drawer, my passport was in full view... but... nothing was stolen. Perhaps we were lucky that the intruder did not see anything worth stealing.

He rummaged thru the drawers and actually closed it before leaving... And he did not use the front door, preferring to climb out to the parapet that he came in from.

The whole floor from 17 till 3 had some footprints on the parapet, indicating that he may have tried his luck at the other floors of the units that were next to the fire hose.

We only knew of this when a neighbour from the 4th floor came up to inform us of the incident.

This happened during the afternoon of 30 June 2008. I made a police report the following day. The management is indifferent about this and is not going to alert the other residents about the incident.

I learnt last night that an opposite block also suffered the same fate.


Mummy said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

garbage said...

they caught the guy. apparently an unemployed resident. 31yrs old or something. parents bought the place for him to stay in.

he went on a shopping spree and bought a rolex at the hour glass.