Monday, January 22, 2007

bottletree park

what a unique name for a park in boring singapore. at least it is not named after a road. ;)
nestled in Chencharu Road, or being visibily prominent from a MRT ride to the Khatib station, this is a 7ha park that just recently opened. quite easy to locate if you walk from Khatib along the MRT lines towards the stadium (in the direction of Lentor Road).

it offers a large fishing pond, prawn pond and also an enclosed shallow water area for kids to try out "kampong" style catching of small fishes.

we brought lucas there to catch prawns in the salt-water enclosed pond. with a rod and some bait provided at the premises and a little bit of luck, lucas managed to catch 3 prawns within half an hour. the other half hour was spent playing with the fishing rod in the water...

if you are there, do check out the really huge fresh water fish at the little wooden bridge near the washrooms. they are really huge... you won't want to fall into that pond accidently...

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