Thursday, February 1, 2007

work and the audio lover

it just dawned on me that in my job history, i know of only one other audio lover in each one of the company which i worked for (at least in singapore context... well, i only know of one other audio guy when i was in US too...). is this a strange coincidence or are audio lovers/audiophiles a rare breed?

just look at the amount of messages flooding a local photo forum as compared to a local audio forum... perhaps audio is passé... the crowd has flocked to digital photography.

a colleague was remarking that there are more and more amatuer photographers moving into wedding photography as a sideline to bring in additional cash. digital photography has lowered the barrier to entry so much that anyone with 1 or 2 years of digital photography experience will dare to take on a wedding shoot. this is perhaps unheard of when analogue was king.

who would have dared to take a risk of shooting on film, a chinese wedding dinner, without knowing that the shots are nothing less than perfect? what happens if the film leader was not loaded correctly into the spool?

perhaps with the influx of class d or class t amplifiers, the audio scene will be much revived?

who would have taken a serious look at B and O when they have those lifestyle speakers and amplifiers? take a look today and people would be asking if an amp is ICEpowered.

so, how many audio friends do you have at your workplace?

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