Wednesday, February 7, 2007


since it's gonna be sold to the public in a week's time, guess it would not hurt if there is some sneak peek.

so, here's the nokia e65 dual phone for you...

very sleek phone that has quite a nice finish, slightly heavy feel, but i think that adds to giving an impression of a solid build. the colours are vivid and most importantly, you no longer have to shade the screen to see what is on it under direct sunlight... it is actually quite visible!

the only downside is that it is a battery sucker... 10 mins on the phone and the battery is real hot. handsfree kit usage is most recommended... don't want a battery that blows up next to you right?

the navigation key pad takes some getting use to, but should be ok if you use your nails to push the keys. keypad has less than usual tactile feel... which i thought was not too nice a feature... i personally prefer keys with some feedback... at least i do not need to look at the screen to know that my key strokes are really entered in a short message creation.

there was one night when having the wifi and voip turned on and the phone was flat in the morning... the voip quality, at least in singapore (mio mobile), was actually surprisingly good. there is a little lag time from when a person speaks till when you hear the actual voice, but this is not apparent unless the person is right in front of you... that is when you can actually see the mismatch between the lips and the voice via the ear piece. but free outgoing calls in the hotspots or home wifi to local numbers is a difficult deal to beat... and apparently it works in some countries too... as long as session initiation protocol is not blocked by the ISP.

more photos here, and here, and here, and here....

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