Saturday, January 13, 2007

where are the pics?

technology still does not make life any simpler...

take pics in RAW, go thru workflow, develop into jpeg, export pics, upload to flickr with measly monthly limit and 5mb per pic limit, post via blogger... WTF??... isn't there a one stop shop anymore? whatever happened to consolidation and M&As? what? the next step is to have disparate golems?

it takes forever to upload pics to flickr... even transferring pics from my Sandisk Extreme II CF card warrants a coffee break. i still remember the time when i was surfing the texternet using a 2400kbps USR modem and it was not too bad a wait. maybe things were less complex then. you just wait with bated breath to see the text that renders in front of your eyes in EGA colours. 512mbps adsl modem is just not enough for internet usage nowadays... and i'm no longer the avid gamer that i used to be... just imagine what LAN gamers feel when they experience a matrix glitch... next thing they know, they are looking at their corpse in 3rd person mode.

if my work is plagued with such unproductiveness, i'd be in deep shit... forget about the quad cores... give me super bandwidth anytime... and make sure it is a true mesh network... least we suffer another taiwan earthquake.

ok, enough rambling... check out this flickr set of Lucas at his childcare outing to the Singapore Birdpark.

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