Friday, January 12, 2007

welcome to the blogosphere

once upon a time, i was interested in everything new. technology, consumer devices, internet and all it's failings, etc... then came work, then came life... then it became how 24hours is portioned for all these, while still allocating some time to leisure and R&R.

so, now i'm looking for something that will enable me to post the nice pics of Lucas without having to maintain the website that i created for that very purpose. it's tedious work updating all those pics... just imagine one roll of pics from my EOS350D every outing to some where of interest... not to mention the casual shots with my Minolta Dimage X... and those quickie shots with the mobile phone. at the same time, i would like to publish stuff on my DIY audio projects, which could be of interest to fellow DIYers.

let's see how this new means allow me to do the above in an easy fashion. it's like outsourcing... now i don't want to code my website, but i want to focus on content, so i turn to this to handle all the time consuming coding... somehow, not sure if it is due to my safari browser, i only see spell check and add image on the top of the bar. even the CTRL thingies does not work. i still have to include HTML syntax as i type this... WTF?

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