Tuesday, January 16, 2007

murphy's law & DIY audio

seems like an inseparable part of life... one day it works fine, and the other it does not. worse, you have no idea what went wrong.

i was trying to hook up my 5687 preamp to the rest of the system that i intend to partner with, but somehow, the power supply of the preamp was giving me problems...

i have a switch capable of warming up the heaters first, and then switching in the B+ on the second toggle. somehow, at the first toggle, the rectifier let out a glow, meaning that something is wrong... powering it off, i measured 120vdc from the capacitors. this does not discharge even when i switched in the rest of the circuit.

maybe one of my crocodile clips on my temporary power supply are touching each other. don't have the mood to troubleshoot after i spent around 10 minutes to figure it out. i then took apart the supply and started work on laying out the components on a hammond chassis that i had on hand.

think i will retry the psu when i have the time, but this round, i will make use of my 22uF GE 97F oil capacitors. i have 4 of these which were used in paralleled configuration on my previous build of the DRD amplifier.

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