Friday, March 14, 2008

olivia ong's cds

got all her 3 cds. have not listened to the first 2, but if the voice and delivery of "Fall in Love with Olivia" is maintained, i have no doubt that it will be great cds as well. got to support local music right? i also bought a silver marker and brought these to esplanade...

we were at esplanade at 9pm to catch olivia perform at the concourse as part of the mosaic festival. this is a free indoor performance, and what a crowd it attracted.. there goes my hopes of getting an autograph on the cds.

she looked different in real person, and was definitely shorter in real life.

the sound setup was quite bad, could not really hear her well. a little soft. somehow it just sounded like a different olivia... like she had a sore throat.

we left at around the 3rd song. lucas is being figidty and can not stay still on top of my shoulders.

nonetheless, thanks to angie for the tip... hmm... angie's surname is also ong... perhaps they are related? maybe i still can get my autograph.

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