Saturday, March 8, 2008

moskido heatsinks are in

My moskido heatsinks from Aavid Thermalloy were in on thursday. They personally delivered the pair of heatsinks to my office. So very nice of them.

I only managed to bring them back yesterday. What a bummer it is to realize that the heatsinks are 3mm too tall for the moskido chassis... the easiest way to fit them in is to saw off the excess at the bottom so that i can just bolt on the heatsink...

Have to wait till i have the time though...

Some pics here.


Anonymous said...


Be sure to do the mod I describe on the diyforum moskido thread, a few pages from the end (let me know if you can't find it). It makes the amp about twice as good as before.

Cool looking case...

bob prangnell

garbage said...

Hi Bob

Thanks for the comments.

You are referring to this circuit