Saturday, March 8, 2008

mundorf silver in oil capacitors

Finally got some high end capacitors... I don't really have a use for these in my 5687 preamp nor my DRD, since both would not allow me to use high end capacitors in the signal path...

It happened that some echolofter is selling off his used Mundorf Silver in Oil 4.7uF capacitors at a cheap price. I was too tempted, and just grabbed them. The capacitors are really huge and heavy, but the leads are a little short... not much problem for a DIYer though. He mentioned that the capacitors are relatively new and suspect that they are not run-in yet.

Well... I am just gonna use them as the first capacitor after the RCA83 rectifier in my DRD. Just need to find some time to open up the mono blocks and do the switch.

The capacitors actually stated 4.7uF +/- 2%. According to my multimeter, the capacitance is 4.828uF, which is just a little more than +2%. So much for tolerance...

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