Sunday, March 9, 2008

DRD installed with Mundorfs

It was a half hour to 45 mins job... both channels of the DRD amplifier are installed with Mundorf 4.7uF as the first capacitor after the RCA83 tube rectifier.

First impression was that the bass is deeper and tighter... I am starting to wonder if my problem with the bass from my speakers are due to the polysterene capacitor that i used instead of the Ducati 8uF motor run oil capacitor...

I'm now listening to "Fall in Love with Olivia" on my setup as I type this blog. This cd was lent to me from a colleague. At first I thought it was Olinda... so I did not listen to the mp3 that were passed to me. After listening, I was surprised to know that Olinda has such a sweet voice.

When I saw the cd, I realized that it is not Olinda, but Olivia... It's a must buy for me, since the first track of the mp3 that I listened to.


Mummy said...

she's got a lovely voice! One our staples in the car unless C's listening to her "Twinklex2 little star"

garbage said...

hahaha... ya... that twinkle twinkle little star... it was the first cd i heard in your mobile audio system. ;)