Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mighty Midget parts

Got some parts in the mail. They are GE 6T10 compactron tubes, Takman carbon and Mills wire wound resistors. Also in the picture is the Mundorf gold/silver wires. The wires are used as hookup in the multichannel UcD amp. Have to complete this before I can free up some space for either the Moskido or the Mighty Midget. I've already received the sockets for the 6T10. Got 12 of them from ebay... So if anyone needs a couple in Singapore, I am more than happy to sell some. ;)

I am more inclined to do the 6T10 at this moment. Possibly with a John Broskie Janus Shunt Regulator at the B+ as shown below.

Need to dig out some parts to see what I should use for the PSU. Cannot remember if I have the 6X5 or 6X4 rectifier tube around. If I am using a regulated B+, I may just use a CLC with the Nippon Chemi con 220uF capacitor.

Some pics here.


lee said...

i guess u heard this noising 08... nice amp, rite?

garbage said...

yes, heard it during noising 08 and also at william's place, driving his freastrexs.