Saturday, January 24, 2009

Completed at last, the 6 channel UcD180

Finally got it done! Yeah! Tested working with all 6 channels. I did not really run it in as I do not have XLR inputs nor Speakon outputs.

It was a good learning experience for me. The main aim was not to drill too many holes onto the bottom of the chassis when mounting the UcD and SMPS modules. I guess this has been accomplished. I had 6 holes in total at the bottom. 2 for each SMPS module. A 5mm aluminium plate was used as the heatsink for the UcDs. This plate was mounted securely via the vertical slots on the bottom plate. Another aluminium plate was used as a shield between the 3 x SMPS modules and the 6 x UcD modules. This, according to the SMPS manual, would not be required as the SMPS is supposed to have low EMF/RFI radiation. Well, I did not have the luxury to read the SMPS manual prior to ordering the aluminium.

Next project would be to try out John Broskie's Janus Shunt Regulator on my preamp.

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