Monday, February 2, 2009

UcD180 in action

Here's a picture of the UcD180HG driving the speakers... Onken bass bin with Altec woofers, and Goto mid and high frequency horns.

This is the interim setup as the active crossovers are still a WIP and the whole setup would be shipped to another country. I had the opportunity to listen to it, but unfortunately, the bass was not crossed optimally. But still, there is no denying the potential in this setup. The mids and highs were crossed correctly though, image and soundstage were superb. I thought the UcDs could do with some running in or the bass could be dialed in better as they were a little lumpy. Does not have the snap and attack that I thought it would have.

The setup will eventually be driven by a front end that could consist of a hard disk based system, 6 channel pro audio sound card, the Sabre 32 bit dac and a 6 channel preamp. Phew.... This will be a totally ka ching setup.

Totally esoteric... more pics here.


Lee said...

Where u got the sabre 32? I thought it has just launched only.

garbage said...

The sabre 32 being sold by the guys at twisted pear. They will be doing a new version based on a new batch of sabre chips.

lee aka fff said...

Thats a sabre 8 not the coming soon sabre 32. I'm eyeing on that.... you?

garbage said...

yes, that is the 8. 32 the new boards from them.

i'm not entirely convinced that i can hear (and like) the difference in sound. will KIV for now, but I know the guy with the UcD will want to get one of those. ;)