Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lucas's 4th birthday party

We celebrated Lucas's birthday last Saturday. Some of his friends were invited, plus a few of our relatives.

I have not gotten anything for him yet, but may get him a set of Bakugan as he have been asking for one. After the party in the afternoon, we went to a Christmas thingy with Suzanne and Andy. Edna and Lucas were running after each other the whole night...

More pics here.

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stevenjared0853 said...

Lucas's 4th birthday party is very cute. I would love to see more photos. It’s so tiring to plan and plot a party. But I am sure that I would pull off my son’s custom star wars themed bash that would be hosted on next weekend at the outdoor event space San Francisco. Have been working on the d├ęcor for a long time. Still a lot of arrangements are pending to do!