Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Building the Multichannel UCD

The SMPS modules for the 180UCD HG modules arrived like a month or so ago. This is for the very nice chassis meant for a 6 channel UCD amplifier. Just did not have the mood nor time. Luckily the CDPRO2 put me into the mood of thinking about how I want to mount the UCDs onto the very nice chassis.

The aim is not to drill too many holes onto the chassis. I elected to get two aluminium plates. One to mount the UCD modules onto for additional heat-sinking, and the other to act as a shield against EMF/RFI emitting from the SMPS power supplies.

I did the measurement and drilling of the aluminium plates and also the bottom plate of the chassis, only to realise that I forgot to buy the M3 screws required to mount the modules.

Went to Poey Huat, intending to get those stainless steel button head allen key screws, but the guy went 2 trips and got me the normal allen key ones instead. Too paiseh to ask him to change, so I accepted whatever I was given.

Looks like wiring is next.

More pics here.

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