Friday, October 10, 2008

my system is Mint!

I cleaned 5-6 of my LPs at one go last night. Most are doubles. Was trying out the Mint LP solution that I got from Modular Audio.

There's a story about this... I only realised that I'm supposed to get some free Mint Stripe with every purchase of Mint LP solution, but I did not get this when I ran into the shop for this bottle. It was a couple of weeks ago, I was there with colleagues for lunch at the Korean restaurant at Amara Hotel. I went in just to get the solution and left. The lady there did not mention any freebie.

After checking out the instructions on the website on usage of the solution, I emailed Mint about the Stripe. They replied asking me to get them from Modular Audio. Then I got an email from Oyster (Modular Audio) asking if I'd like it shipped or to pick them up myself. Wow... talk about great service. Modular Audio scored one for GEMS.

Anyways, back to cleaning LPs... I did not use the Stripe, but did use the Mint. ;) I felt it was quite wasteful since I had to cover the surface with solution at the first go, only to vacuum it all off. Then followed by the actual solution and brushing. I also did not do the cleaning of the edges.

But the sound of the LP after cleaning was really quite good. Background noise is much lower, pops and ticks were non-issues during playback. And it was really good even at LOUD volumes on the Beta8. I listened to Kate Bush - Aerial (an LP that I got in HK some years back when it was released), Jazz at the Pawnshop (I played Take Five) and a Coltrane LP.

Btw, do you play your LPs loud? Well... I do... And I know of some who do too... And I love every moment of it!

Ps, you should check out the LPs at Modular Audio when you are in Tanjong Pagar area too. ;)

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