Saturday, October 11, 2008

Philips CD Pro2 LF transport in the making

Here's the almost completed chassis. I need to drill some holes to reverse mount the display panel and the buttons, and also some holes for pcb mounting and for the power transformers from plitron.

At least it is underway... there are more screws than there are holes on the chassis, so that left me wondering if I missed out on some stuff... anyways, strangely, I think the allen key flat head screws are in inches and mm format. Looks like I need to get a set of allen key that are in inches soon.

Some pics here.


wjbnyc said...

WOW a beautiful chassis for your CD project.
Where can i get one?

garbage said...

I got it from Robert of AHFArtaudio. He is based in Singapore, but will ship internationally.

Wave Length said...

I am very very much interested in this kit and have been searching for the same from quite some time !

Could you please let me know the full contact details of this that you mentioned ?? the link is not working when I click on Robert !

Please let me know !


Anonymous said...

I'm antoine.
I would like to know where did you buy your kit and how did it cost?
Thank you very much.

garbage said...
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garbage said...

Hi Antoine

You did not leave your email, so I am replying here instead.

I got it from Robert of AHFartaudio ( at around SGD1150 or so. He is based in Singapore, but will ship international.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how is your controller module working? We're done building our CD-Pro2 project..except our controller is full of bugs and the distributer isn't very interested in fixing them...