Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yamamoto A08s

I'm actually quite keen to get the Yamamoto A-08s when I am in Hong Kong early next month. However, the downside is that it is not available in mono-blocks. My room already has interconnect wiring concealed in the wall for preamp to amplifier. There is an outlet at each side for the left and right mono-block. This would enable me to use short runs of wires for connection from amplifier to speakers.

Someone who replied my query about this Yamamoto asking me why I did not consider DIYing one myself. Well... the first thing I thought of is the esoteric materials that Yamamoto use for the chassis, then the output transformer and the choke.

Well... maybe if the price is not what I am comfortable with, I may just DIY something... the Yamamoto circuit can be seen here. Not clear... Will need to squint a lot!


Anonymous said...

NOOO don't leave the DIY way!!!


garbage said...

hahaha... i saw the comment and can't help but laugh...

do you have a good suggestion for a power tube? or should i just build something out of my 2a3?

Anonymous said...

My suggestion:

monoblock whit 2A3 and d3a led biased and 5U4 ;-)