Tuesday, June 15, 2010

26 DC 45 amplifier

So, here's the scribble on paper. Operating points are pretty standard stuff for 26 and 45. The brief is simple... DC coupled amp, with driver C4S loaded and with LED biasing. Filaments will be DC current regulated. B+ will be regulated by a HV Maida circuit. Tamura F475 is intended to be the output iron, but I may A/B the FT10S that I got from Andix.

Chassis will be a departure from the tower types that I have been building. I'm veering more to the Fi designed ones. Wanted my wife to lug any fi stuff back when she was in New York some time back, but boy, there's a long back log being fulfilled by Don Garber.

Anyways, since the 6T10 project was not successful, I should look for another project that can hopefully reuse the power transformer. The 45 fits the bill as I've already got suitable output transformers and even a pair of RCA 45 tubes. I've also got a stash of 26 driver tubes. This will be my first all DHT amp. Wonder what challenges I will face... Should prototype this on a board first... ;)

Work on this hopefully will start at the end of this month.

ps. an eagle-eyed reader highlighted that my schematic has some mistakes around the cathode resistor for the 45 tube. i've forgotten to stack the driver voltage for the DC arrangement. will update the schematic tonight. thanks nick!

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