Wednesday, June 16, 2010

26 DC 45 amplifier - updated schematic

There goes thoughts of re-using the power transformers. B+ after regulation has to be around 455v. I probably need around 500v prior to regulation. This also means the capacitors would need to be put it series or to use the huge oil types. Unfortunately, I only have three 660vac oil run capacitors. The rest are 370vac types.

Now, I'm starting to wonder if the C4S can drop that much voltage. Is it able to handle the wattage?

VoltSecond has some useful information about implement the C4S at his site. Just reading off the chart, it is best to keep the C4S under 300v across the MJE350. One easy way is to drop the voltage with a resistor prior to the C4S. At 5.5mA, I would need a resistor of 30k ohms to drop the voltage to 290v at the top of the C4S. This will result in a R2 at the C4S of 145k ohm.

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