Friday, January 8, 2010

Mighty Midget KIVed again

One of my KIVed project would be the Mighty Midget. I only got it working on one channel. The B+ was not enough when using the 6X5 rectifiers. Just a tad short for regulation. It was at around 290vdc. I need 300vdc for the Mighty Midget, and more if I want to use the Janus Shunt regulator. Out went the tube rectifier and in came some CREE CSD10120 babies. I'm using these 1200v 5A Schottky diodes from my parts bin.

I've also redid the Shunt Regulator onto a board and these are tested working.

The 6T10 really need a muting circuit, otherwise the amp will make some very nasty squealing noises upon power off. Tony recommended Rod Elliot's Soft-start circuit. Will have to order parts for this.

The time consuming portion is the need for a new chassis since the previous one had a hole cut for the tube rectifier already... Shucks... wonder if I should make this an all aluminium chassis... or stick with MDF and aluminium for quicker chassis construction.

Some pics here.

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