Friday, January 8, 2010

Bass panels are in place at last

Finally mounted, after some trial and error. I had to drill the bolts on the ceiling rather than the wall on the rear as the "wall" was really false wall. It's just a box meant to flush the 8 pieces of diffusor panels. Drilling on the ceiling was tough. The front wall was much easier to drill.

An extra wire had to be used to secure the bottom of the panel so that it can be pulled up into the corner, otherwise it will just hang down like a painting on the wall. I used my manfrotto tripod to help prop up the panel while I adjust the bottom wire as tight as I could. An extra pair of hands would be very useful, but I don't think I can find someone crazy enough to help me do this. ;)

After mounting the panels, it was off to vacuum the room and to shampoo the carpet. I used a Scotchgard High Traffic Foaming Cleaner from 3M for the carpet. Quite a good product.

Some pics here.

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