Thursday, July 9, 2009

A birthday celebration

Nowadays, between San and I, our birthday celebrations are muted compared to Lucas's. I bet Lyra's would be a bash when we celebrate hers in September. It's the same feeling about Chinese New Year when one grows older...

Anyways, wanted to get a string of black pearls, but just in case, I asked what she would like me to get. The answer came in a sms... chocolate cake and crabs.

Ok. Well within budget... So off I went to look for nice chocolate cakes. Google helped, and I eventually called awfullychocolate to place an order for an 8" all chocolate cake. We had dinner at House of Seafood. The highlight would be the 1.6-1.8kg chili crab. Thereafter was the cake cutting back home.

Actually, I must say that the chocolate cake is over hyped. It was not what I'd imagine. I should try Canale Patisserie Chocolaterie at Paragon next time.

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FlatFlatCat said...

a muted but cozy celebration, filled with love.:) the crabs were shiok-a-doo-doo. :) thank you dear.