Saturday, August 16, 2008

NDP2008 from home

Was watching the NDP2008 from home last week. Went to take-out some crab and other dishes and had dinner at home. We can see the planes flying past our area before they went to Marina. And can see them drawing the heart shape and other maneuvers from home.

Except that the fireworks are distanced and I'm sure lack the feel of the boom as seen on the spot.

What to do? One pregnant wife, one 3.5 yr old and the uncertainty of getting NDP tickets... It's a blessing in disguise as apparently, this was the first NDP that rained.

Some pics here.

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Rennie the Soh said...

Urban myth is that LKY consults a bomoh every year to 'channel' the weather, thus every 9 August it rains in the morning and NEVER during the parade proper.

Guess with his wifey in ICU and the Little Dragon up to his eyeballs with recession and all, everybody forgot.

Oh, also added you to my blog under the 'Mein freundes' list.