Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Denon DL-103R + AU-300LC

Above, the Denon DL-103R MC cartridge.

Above, the Denon AU-300LC step-up transformer.

Wow... a match made in heaven? Clarity was the very first impression when I heard this combination sang in my setup just a while ago.

Then came extension on both ends. Bass was deep and tightly controlled... I never heard this before... Sounds very cliche, but it is like day and night transformation... if this is indeed possible..

I've long heard of the raves regarding the 103R and have just swept it aside. But looking at the MC cartridge market, the prices for cartridges range from SGD300 to thousands of dollars. I just cannot imagine forking out this kind of money for a cartridge...

The Denon combination, although not exactly cheap, is really a bargain considering the sonic merits. I was previously using a Grado Blue, with my VSPS, RB250 tonearm and my Thomas Scheu turntable. The sound was ok, but what I heard with the Denon was really many leaps above.

If you are thinking of upgrading from a MM cartridge to a MC cartridge, I would encourage you to check out the Denon pair.

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Anonymous said...

I replaced a grado reference mm with the denon and have been very happy. Real sound alas. I had a au-300lc but ended up not needing it.