Friday, June 6, 2008

Barney - Let's Imagine - Live

San got three Barney tickets even before I went on my Reservist. Lucas kept asking when he is going to watch the show... Well... tonight is the night.

We had a quick dinner near the child care and then hurried off to Suntec Convention Centre hall 602. As expected, there are lots of parents with toddlers. I even saw a long lost secondary school soccer buddy with his wife and daughter outside the hall, buying Barney merchandise.

We were (or at least I was) quite amused to see some families with 3 girls and some with a 4th member on the way. Not because they may be hoping for a boy, but more of the quantity... Not a norm amongst Chinese families in Singapore nowadays. Aren't we known as the DINKS (Dual Income No Kids)? Or perhaps at least one kid? Hmm... our number 2 is on the way though. Just in time for the first F1 night race. ;)

Wasn't it a generation ago when 7 or more siblings was the norm? Guess the government's child policy did take good effect in the 80s. The concern for young families today could be due to living expenses, quality of living or lifestyle.

The Barney show was like an extended version of those staged at the shopping centers during school holidays. About the same, but with more props and a larger scale.

Lucas enjoyed the show, I just kept yawning...

More pics here.

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