Thursday, January 3, 2008

vexille at the picture house

i watched vexille at the picture house on new year's day with some friends. it was supposed to be on the day before, but due to some screw-up with cathay's screening times, we were led to believe that vexille ended it's run on 31st dec 2007.

anyways, it was an anime worth watching. i was somewhat disappointed with the battle sequences of SWORD personnel. was expecting more of this in the depicted tokyo.

i was also desperately trying to locate the ending theme song used in this anime. but mink was not to be found in singapore... at least from my limited search. mink is actually korean... born and raised in korea, but sings in japanese. will have to buy it from some online stores...

btw, after the opening scene, there is a shot of leon and vexille's apartment which showed their hifi setup. there are two speakers that looked like 4 ways, with woofers that seem to be 18" or 20". the components look very much like the 500 series meridian.

here's together again by mink, courtesy of her website, but in mp3 format for your ringtone usage.

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