Tuesday, December 25, 2007

what's in a name?

apparently lots... especially if it has to do with branding.

i recently completed a power filter for an audio friend. he wanted something like the shunyata hydra design. it is actually a simple design that uses one X2 capacitor across live and neutral of the power socket.

this is a customised version according to the application in my friend's system. it has two IEC outlet instead, for a CDP and a DAC. the X2 capacitor is a huge RIFA capacitor costing $3 odd from RS Singapore. the cable is a UPOCC power cable type from neotech, the enclosure is a germany made IP66 rated unit. the cable connector is of some ceramic material, also made in germany. the black connectors at the edge of the enclosure ensures that the cable is crimped properly.

there was another cable done, but i do not have the pics for this as it was delivered earlier. it was just a straight cable with the RIFA X2 capacitor in the middle.

some pics here.

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tk said...

nice stuff... do you mind to tell me where can get those stuff ie capasitor, 'the box'& cable with socketcs?