Friday, December 28, 2007

dangers of DIY audio

i suppose we, DIY audio enthusiasts, will one time or another, injure themselves inadvertently. whether it is a jolt from residual voltage in capacitors of a 1kv supply, or the soldering iron dropping on the foot with the hot tip facing downwards, or running the file onto your hand while filing some metal piece... it's my turn today... again...

i was trying to drill 28mm holes with a hole saw at robert's place when it happened. the hole saw was stuck, causing the 3mm aluminum piece to be caught in my wedding band as i was holding onto the work piece with my left hand. the drill press then pulled my left arm around the drill bit. my instant reaction was to hold on to the work piece with my left hand already at the 12 o'clock position. luckily i was able to hit the stop button with my right arm...

i had to use a pair of pilers to compress the ring back into shape in order to remove it so that i can wash the wound. the skin of my finger was sliced through. i guess it was deep enough that i could not feel any pain when washing it.

robert passed me some anti-septic and helped me handiplast the finger. chong helped me with all the 4 octal holes of the moskido instead.

hmm... i wonder if i can do the chassis work tomorrow with only one hand.

pic of the wound here if you are interested.

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