Monday, April 26, 2010

Tokyo Trip

Went on a 5N4D trip to Tokyo. Was drizzling on the 2 days that were meant for Disney. What a pity.

We went to hunt for a place for Animal Kaiser on the first day. Walked around Akiba and went to all those bigger arcades, but could not find it. Eventually asked around and was directed to go back towards the Akiba station at Yodobashi Camera building. Found one machine at L6. I would have thought it was all the rage in Japan, but there are many more such card based games. Such as an Ultraman, 3X3 eyes, Gundam looking ones, etc. AK was Y100 ($1.50) per play. Cheaper than $2 in Singapore. Lucas played quite a few games. We eventually came back here on Saturday night as well.

Next 2 days are for Disneyland and Disneysea. Both days were drizzling. It was cold, our socks were wet and the feeling was lousy. Still, Disneysea was better... not so much drizzle. And the Tower thingy was great. We almost flew out of our seats. Lucas managed to take the roller coaster at the Little Mermaid area. It's the only one that he is tall enough for. We will have to return some other time in the future I guess.

We spent the next two days walking around Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Akihabara and Shibuya before heading back home. Shopping is always part and parcel of an overseas trip. I got a very nice (but pricey) dark brown Ganzo Cordovan wallet to replace my Ferragamo one and a pair of Katherine Hemnett shoes.

More pics here.


gaga said...

was anticipating for some hardcore pics from akihabara to satisfy my fetish.... :-(

garbage said...


seriously... not easy when traveling with family. check the post above regarding the audio portion.


gaga said...

haha....yeah, i commented too early...before u could post. i can understand that its kind of tough especially with two kids, hunting for audio stuffs. now u appreciate that i did not topang u for purchase? would u believe me that i did not ask u to buy because i can understand the hassle u will have to go thru? i can tell u this is really what i am thinking and decided not to buy anything.

garbage said...

Of course will believe. But no issue if the things you want can be found in the shops that I'm checking out. Also depends on my topo skills. Sometimes not easy to locate certain places correctly. ;)