Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's up doc?

It's been a long time since the last update. On the audio side, i have gotten proper stands for my Coral Beta 8s and have gotten a Lenco L75. A rebuild is in order for the Lenco some day down the road.

Over at home, things were not so smooth. We went to the zoo with Lucas and Lyra during the National day holidays. Then Lyra had fever for 5 days or so, then San got it for a week, then Lucas got it for around 5 days as well, then San got it back again. So the virus is doing it's round... we all recovered it time for a trip to Genting though.

Some zoo pics here.
Some Genting pics here.


Giorgio said...

I'm very intersted for the Lenco rebuild. Please post some picture. ...I've 3 lenco L75 :-)


garbage said...

Hi Giorgio

Wow... It's quite difficult for me to track down a heavy platter Lenco here in Singapore. I would like to go the PTP slate route as documented on Lenco Heaven site.

I think this may not be such a quick project. It's difficult to find the right type of slate here.