Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

We went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens last Sunday in search of the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. It was right after lunch, in the hot sunny day. We dropped off at the Visitor's Centre (wrong move) and had to walk all the way towards the other end along Bukit Timah Road.

Lucas was all ready to play in the water area. We brought along his sun-screen and swimming shorts. We also brought along bread so that we can feed the swans, fishes and tortoises in the pond.

Besides playing in the water area, we went onto the suspension bridge, the children's maze. Then we went back to the Eco-Lake within the Botanica Gardens to feed the creatures there. We saw a monitor lizard devouring a dead bird, fed the swans and fishes, and also the pigeon.

After a long hot afternoon, we went to Grandparent's place for McDonald's. Map of the Botanica Gardens can be found here.

More pics here.

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