Tuesday, November 27, 2007

nokia n810 internet tablet

who needs an internet tablet when you have macs that boots up so quickly, ready with wifi during OS startup?

well... of late, safari keeps misbehaving, giving me the black translucent screen of death. this is the equivalent of the windows blue screen. there's nothing that can be done except to reboot. evil... and it happened to me twice last night. hardly something that i expected from OSX.

the debian-rooted OS on the N810 is well behaved so far.

truely an internet device, with shortcuts for popular websites such as facebook, wikipedia, some google sites such as maps, blogger, picasa, mail, etc.

built in sip client is ok, just that it does not handle call waiting. can do video calls out of the box. quite acceptable quality too.

has an open source application development community, browser handles flash content, built-in media player can play internet music from all over.

nicely built device with a foldable stand. long standby battery life.

built in IM can handle Gtalk, Jabber and SIP protocols.

more pics here

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