Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mozzy Mozzy Bite Me!

I'm sure lots of people heard of the mosquito ring tone being used by teens in schools so that the teachers are none the wiser when their phones ring.

Well... i took the mozzy test just now... It's supposed to be at 17kHz. Try it here in mp3 format.

And let the result be out... I am 17kHz deaf.

Now tell me about those audiophiles that swear by the super tweeters... Are they crossing them too low?

And tell me that my Diatones do not reproduce highs... Well... it does not bother me if they start rolling off at 18kHz or so.

Bite me, but the mozzy ringtone just proved me right... that i do not need a speaker that goes from 20hz to 20kHz, nor super tweeters.

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