Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thank you for the Noise!

The much anticipated event on the local audio calendar is finally here... NoiSing07, on 8th September 2007. Not having a NoiSing in year 2006 surely must have created a void as the displays in NoiSing07 is easily the best of the 3 we had so far.

The venue was Republic Polytechnic. We had two rooms, one on level one, the other on level two. Accoustics was to die for. In my opinion, Level two had the better of both rooms. It is meant for panio practice. Fully treated even on the ceiling. This room was dedicated to Solid State gear.

On level one, we had the tube gear, and easily the larger crowd of both rooms. This year, we only had one full range single driver speaker, represented by the famed Freastrex driver, courtesy of Willam Ang.

We had quite a few preamps, two Audionote M7 designs, one other that I'm not too sure of, two Akido preamps, a Sakuma Tube buffer using 211, and my 5687 with Tamura output transformer.

The main eye candy is the speakers... Ken helped setup the electronic crossover to enable a three way system using his Dukane plasma tweeters, Maxonic fieldcoil horns, 340hz Azura with TAD2001, Karlson bassbin with 18" JBL drivers, 15" Altec BR box...

For the actual list of components, take a look at the echoloft posting.

Both rooms had great sound. I was impressed by the ML preamp in the Solid State room, with a virtual control from the laptop. Eusof's (Synthesis) Vifa speakers, although bookshelves, turned out to be a beast to tame when we heard the solid state amp happily clipping away. It produced astouding sound when driven at moderate volume. Had to do a double take to be sure that the Orions are not playing. The 3 way setup at the tube room was equally astounding, given the 5 mins tuning of crossover by Ken. There was a distinct lack of amplifiers. I thought Ken joked with me when he mentioned that he was waiting for me to bring amps.

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday. Really enjoyed myself there. Unfortunately I was not able to stay all the way till 6 odd.

Kudos to the organizer (Johari) and all those who helped in this event. Mervin (MB) did a fine job by helping us book the rooms at Republic Polytechnic. A big clap for all those die hard DIYers who brought their geat to RP! The morning rain was not enough to stop us!

More pics here.

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